Saturday, 17 May 2014

Starting Up A Company In Australia

In Australia we are fortunate to have a lot of online service providers that can assist to set up a company quite fast and at an economical price. As a practising commercial lawyer, I can't compete with these services on price, and I don't want to.

What I do find, however, is that just because a client has formed a company doesn't mean that the client understands what is involved in being the director of a company, or how to set up a shareholders (sometimes called a "buy out") agreement with a business partner or investor, or how to edit the company's constitution. In other words, I am often approached to provide ongoing support services for "company owners" after their company is established.

I recently published a video on YouTube to provide some basic information for my clients to assist them to understand the basic concepts in how a company is set up. Here is the video. James Irving
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